Giving names, phone numbers & email addresses in English

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If you know the English alphabet and numbers, why not refresh your memory in our dictation exercise below? It will help if you ever have to give or receive contact details by phone.

First, have a quick look at the useful terms we often hear in email addresses and phone numbers.
Then listen to the video of Louisa giving name, email and phone information and write what you hear.
The answers are at the bottom of the page. No cheating! Watch the video first

Start dictation now. Watch  video:

Useful terms for email addresses/phone numbers etc.

@ at

. dot

0 zero (number)  o  oh (letter)

rr (double r)

t for tango (to identify letters. E.g. R for romeo)


Dictation answers from the YouTube video

I thought I said, no looking!

Abi warren. 07899 346550

Georgie cantah 03556 211899

Olya Manhata 0781 675 8770


Can you spell these out? Try reading aloud

Dr. Farah Corey 8789 765 4335

Mrs H Yelstone 767 787 8776

Have you tried our English dates and days dictation?

How did you do? To practise further and to help refine your pronunciation of English names, email addresses and phone numbers, enrol with Phone English and practise your English 1-1 with a qualified, native English speaker.

About the author:

Louisa is Course Director at Phone English. She helped start Phone English after many years of teacher training and materials development at

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