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If you need to make sales or customer service call in English, we’ve recorded a short audio/video with ideas to help you sound in control, confident and responsive.

In this call, Lisa from Project Translations is calling Maria to ask if she wants to proceed with a quote for a translation.

Before you listen, useful phrases:

To follow up:  to make contact in order to pursue a project/idea further. E.g. ‘I’m just following up on a quote we gave you last month…’:
To ring a bell: to sound familiar. E.g. Does that ring a bell?  or ‘Ah yes, we did agree to meet Tuesday – that rings a bell now.’

Now read and listen to the sales call. Notice  how the sales agent Lisa:

i. Shows she is listening and is responsive, using  short phrases: ‘of course..’ .’that’s fine..’
ii. Asks  questions – even just to ask for confirmation at each stage: ‘and then you’ll know more, right?’ ‘Is that helpful?’
iii. Is positive and pro-active: would you like to go ahead with it? ‘Do you have any questions…I’ll be happy to help? ‘why don’t I send a reminder…?’
iii. Summarises what she will do next after the call.

                                                               Listen now >> 


All of these phrases and techniques help to show she is listening to the customer, is proactive and that she is taking responsibility for the project. The customer knows what to expect from the company after the call.

We hope you find this helpful. Why not practice your sales and customer service calls with a professional phone English teacher?

About the author:

Louisa is Course Director at Phone English. She helped start Phone English after many years of teacher training and materials development at

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