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by Lea Hook / 11 October 2018 / No Comments
At Phone English we help many people from all business backgrounds with their English. Mostly, their English level is sufficient to do their job but even so,  they often say:
” I think I make many mistakes. ”
”Other people in the office speak English better than me.”
”I can’t socialise in English with my colleagues/clients.”
”I am scared to use the phone/participate in a conference call/meeting because of my English.”
These are common reasons for taking business English lessons.  So, if you have having similar problems with your English at work, here is how we can help you  build the skills and confidence you need to succeed.

We practice in lessons what you do at work

Help with Phone EnglishBeing scared of speaking English can mean you don’t say anything at all or limit what you say.  This can inhibit your work performance.
So, at Phone English we will try to practice the things you do at work so each lesson is relevant to your exact business needs. If you need to make a presentation in English, you can send it to us and we will help you present it. If you need to make a sales call, we can role-play it with you. We can also send you extra listening/grammar/reading practice to do at home for extra support.
When you practice specific work situations with us, you can more easily perform these skills at work. You will begin to lose the fear and quickly gain skills and confidence.

Do you really make a lot of mistakes?

Positive feedback ESL A fear of making mistakes can stop you reaching your potential at work. This is especially true if you are in a senior position as
nobody wants to look unprofessional.
Phone English lessons provide a safe place to make mistakes. Only your teacher will hear and correct any errors.  Possibly you are better at English than you think.  We realise positive feedback is important and so your teacher will tell you your strong points in English, too.
Also, importantly, we can help you focus on better communication rather than worry about every mistake. So:


  • Are you communicating clearly?
  • Do you need to speak more slowly?
  • Is there a simpler way to say that?
  • Can you use intonation to deliver your message more powerfully?


We introduce variety in lessons

Well-planned business English lessons are important but we realise things can change quickly at work and you will need the English to cope.
So, in lessons we will talk about spontaneous things, too. They may be work related or about politics, your family, or even the latest film you saw; the kind of things you might talk about with your work colleagues socially or with business clients.
With more specific practice, feedback and support from your specialist business English tutor your skills and confidence in speaking English should improve. And, when you feel confident you won’t feel the need to compare your level with others. Phone English will help you get  there.


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About the author:

My name is Lea Hook.
I’m am the proud owner of Phone English Online Language School.
Phone English was created in 2004 by Louisa and William when Skype had just been invented, it moved with the times and since then other platforms have been used such as Zoom, Meet etc. I have been working with Phone English since 2013.
In the new year, Phone English will launch a new platform with Learncube.
With qualified and experienced native British teachers already on board living in the UK, I am hoping to expand in the next few years with native English teachers from all over the world with different accents.
In the next few years, I hope that Phone English will be a multi-subject platform with qualified teachers teaching all languages, maths, nutrition and diet, music, writing services, business, and any subject that can be taught online.
January will see a completely new website design and things will be added as we go.
Coming soon, Phone English Juniors, Phone English Spanish, Phone English writing and proofreading services.
It always seems impossible until it’s done-Phone English

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