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Phone English student Emilie from France recently took her IELTS exam.

Emilie was already a very good speaker when she took Skype IELTS lessons with Phone English but she needed an IELTS 8 score overall and she wasn’t sure this was possible. So, she took lessons with us to practice speaking to an experienced IELTS specialist teacher on a variety of topics. Her result of 8 was a huge achievement.

I asked her about the exam and for any techniques she used which helped her get a high score:

‘In part 1, I was asked about my home, describing it, what I like about it, etc. Then she asked me what I do when I have free time. 

My part 2 was something like: describe a challenge that you completed, what it is, where/with who/why it was difficult/how you felt about it. I talked about the time I decided to start running. I had planned to go to New York with my husband, he had this iconic image to run in Central Park so I thought it might be great, but I hadn’t done any sport for a decade, so it was hard, but after 4 weeks, I ended up running 10km, at a snail’s pace, but still! 

In part 3, more abstract questions about challenges in sports, like what kind of difficulties you faced when starting a sport (my answer was very basic: muscle aches, being out of breath). Then, challenges the world is currently facing (I talk about environmental issues, global warming). 

Any tips?
I really tried to add expressions as much as I could. 

The lady was very nice, which helped me a lot.

I have been practising it for many years (mainly alone), it took me more than 3 years to raise from 5,5 to 8! 

For the last months, I have tried to set up a few stories that I can relate to any topics. For example, running was for any question related to sport, challenge, health, outdoor activity, etc. Or I had the same story for memories, childhood, countryside, great day, event, etc. And only one person for any question about a person. And so on.

Thank you, Emilie. Congratulations – and good luck as you use your IELTS qualification to advance your career!

About the author:

Louisa is Course Director at Phone English. She helped start Phone English after many years of teacher training and materials development at www.global-english.com.

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