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Making presentations is difficult whatever the language but follow these simple tips to help make your presentation in English a success.

1)      Tell people what you are going to talk about. E.g.

Firstly I will talk about…..



This helps you to frame your presentation so people know what to expect.

2)      Use simple language and shorter sentences. In some languages it is a sign of intelligence to use more words. In English, it is the opposite.  If English is not your first language and you are nervous, practise speaking more slowly before the presentation.

3)      Smile. This is the same in every language.

4)      Vary your pitch and emphasise certain words for contrast. For example:

This year sales have increased by 50% compared to last year.

And to emphasis important points:
Today we realise it is people that are our most important asset.

5)      Try not to read everything. It is hard to engage people if you are reading everything.
Use notes to remind you and practise your presentation lots of times using these notes. However, do learn some useful presentation phrases and practise them until they sound natural.

Moving on….(a linking phrase to finish one item and move on to the next)
In the next slide we’ll see….
(a linking phrase to finish one item and move on to the next)
So what this means is
(for interpreting data)
Before I finish are there any questions?
Thank you for listening

In conclusion……
In summary
As we’ve seen….

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