Opening in May – Phone English Academy, El Perello, Valencia, Spain

by Lea Hook / 07 April 2022 / No Comments

Click here for more information about our brand new Phone English Academy in El Perello, Valencia, Spain 🇪🇸

We are thrilled to announce that in May 2022 we will open a new Phone English academy in El Perello, a coastal town in Valencia.

The location is in the heart of El Perello and is two minutes from El Perello beach.

Coming soon – intensive courses, one-to-one, groups, kids, teens and adults.

Summer school, quiz nights, fun days, learn English for fun.

More information is coming soon, check out other updates on –










About the author:

My name is Lea Hook.
I’m am the proud owner of Phone English Online Language School.
Phone English was created in 2004 by Louisa and William when Skype had just been invented, it moved with the times and since then other platforms have been used such as Zoom, Meet etc. I have been working with Phone English since 2013.
In the new year, Phone English will launch a new platform with Learncube.
With qualified and experienced native British teachers already on board living in the UK, I am hoping to expand in the next few years with native English teachers from all over the world with different accents.
In the next few years, I hope that Phone English will be a multi-subject platform with qualified teachers teaching all languages, maths, nutrition and diet, music, writing services, business, and any subject that can be taught online.
January will see a completely new website design and things will be added as we go.
Coming soon, Phone English Juniors, Phone English Spanish, Phone English writing and proofreading services.
It always seems impossible until it’s done-Phone English

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