A Past Tense Story Lesson

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A lesson using the past tense for beginner/elementary level learners of English.
Practice telling the story of Josh and Alice.

In this lesson you will:

1. Learn the verbs from the story
2. Listen to the story
3. Listen to the story again
4. Tell the story
5. Tell the story again

1. Learn the past tense verbs in the story:

Present                Past                                 Present                Past
meet                        met                                 do                            did
ask                           asked                             have                        had
is                               was                                 like                           liked
say                            said                                travel                       travelled
have                         had                                 stay                          stayed


2. Listen to the story in video.  (From 0.20 seconds – 1 minute.50 seconds) Write the past tense verbs you hear


3. Listen to the story again


4. Speak: summarise the story. You can use these words. Remember to change the present tense to the past tense: 

Last year Alice meet Josh/cafe.    Josh ask Alice /dinner.   Josh is handsome. Alice is single so she say yes.  Alice like shopping. Josh…. . Alice like romance movies. Josh….
One week later travel to Italy.  They stay at a romantic hotel. They are in love. But Josh is married.
After that. Josh does not call Alice again.


5. Speak again: summarise again with these words. You need to add the verbs:

Last year/cafe.  dinner? Handsome. Single so yes. shopping. movies.
week later/Italy.Romatic hotel. In love.
Married. After that…


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Video credit: with thanks to: https://www.patreon.com/oomongzu who made the video

About the author:

Louisa is Course Director at Phone English. She helped start Phone English after many years of teacher training and materials development at www.global-english.com.

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