Why is English difficult to learn?

by Lea Hook / 04 April 2013 / No Comments


Well, English is not so difficult at lower levels. It is easy to say ‘I can, you can, he/she can’ etc.

But to talk at a higher level is more difficult.

One issue is pronunciation and ‘shifting stress.’ Consider this pronunciation poem which is underlines just a few of the problems:

Here is some pronunciation

Ration never rhymes with nation

Say prefer but preferable

Comfortable and vegetable.

And there are 3 more verses of this!  Incidentally, you can practise this rhyme in your Phone English classes if you like – it is a great way to remember intonation patterns and the pronunciation of many useful words.

English is a rich and changing language, heavily influenced by American English and with rules, sub-rules and rules that can be broken (if you are a native speaker and know when to break them.)

Phrasal verbs also cause difficulty. This is when you add a verb to a preposition to create a literal or non-literal meaning. For example:

The plane takes off  (literal – meaning ascend)

He takes off the Prime Minister well (non-literal – meaning mimics)

The endless variety of  verb/preposition combinations with their literal, non-literal meanings are mind-boggling! (Confusing)

At Phone English we know that speaking English fluently is about more than just accuracy and rules. Phone English provides a safe place to practise English, listen to English and refine your grammar, accent, pronunciation and improve confidence.
Why do you need to learn?

About the author:

My name is Lea Hook.
I’m am the proud owner of Phone English Online Language School.
Phone English was created in 2004 by Louisa and William when Skype had just been invented, it moved with the times and since then other platforms have been used such as Zoom, Meet etc. I have been working with Phone English since 2013.
In the new year, Phone English will launch a new platform with Learncube.
With qualified and experienced native British teachers already on board living in the UK, I am hoping to expand in the next few years with native English teachers from all over the world with different accents.
In the next few years, I hope that Phone English will be a multi-subject platform with qualified teachers teaching all languages, maths, nutrition and diet, music, writing services, business, and any subject that can be taught online.
January will see a completely new website design and things will be added as we go.
Coming soon, Phone English Juniors, Phone English Spanish, Phone English writing and proofreading services.
It always seems impossible until it’s done-Phone English

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