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EducationAdvanced Cert TESOL
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Lea Hook

Hi, my name is Lea and I am a 46-year-old guy from a lovely city called Gloucester which is in the southwest of the United Kingdom.

I am now the proud owner of Phone English and I am so excited to expand this great company with some great ideas coming soon.

Since leaving college in 1992 I had been in the electrical business in a managerial role and studied electronics, health and safety and human resources.

In 2012, I wanted a new direction in my career, so I studied Teaching English as a Foreign Language and succeeded in an English TESOL course with Global English.

Since passing the course I have been experiencing teaching English and it has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding jobs of my career.

I started my teaching career in Thailand, teaching over 2500 students in a senior high school teaching the English program (maths, English, science, PE, social studies)

In 2016, I went to the Olympic Games in Brazil reporting the events in English to students all over China with daily reports and updates.

I have taken over 30,000 online English lessons of all different ages, backgrounds and cultures and I can say I have enjoyed nearly every single one of them.

So far I have taught English to students all over the world and I have met some really passionate friendly and intelligent students who have a dream of speaking fluent English.

I also have eight years of experience in proofreading, I have corrected over 50,000 documents in this time.

I am an enthusiastic individual who enjoys speaking to people and likes to encourage and bring the best out of everyone.

I love all types of sport; love to keep fit and healthy and I love travelling and foreign food.

I look forward to meeting you and encouraging you to become more confident and fluent in your English learning journey.

See you in class.