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Lea Hook

Hi my name is Lea and I am a 37 year old guy from a lovely city called Gloucester which is in the south west of the United Kingdom.

Since leaving college in 1992 I have been in the electrical business in a managerial role and have studied electronics, health and safety and human resources.

Recently I have studied English and succeeded in an English TESOL course with Global English. Since passing my course I have been experiencing teaching English online and it has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding jobs of my career.

So far I have taught English to students all over the world and I have met some really passionate friendly and intelligent students who have a dream of speaking fluent English.

I am an enthusiastic individual who enjoys speaking to people and likes to encourage and bring the best out of everyone.

I love all types of sport; love to keep fit and healthy and I love traveling and foreign food.

I look forward to meeting you and encouraging you to become more confident and fluent in your English learning journey.