The Silent B in English Words

by Louisa / 05 April 2018 / No Comments

English spelling and pronunciation are often different things. If you are an English learner, you probably know that already. Sorry all learners!

One of the confusing spellings concerns the final ‘B’ . This final B is silent at the end of many English words.   Look at these 8 popular English words where the final B is silent:

Comb  is pronounced: coam

Lamb is pronounced: lam


Tomb is pronounced: toom


Limb is pronounced: lim


Debt is pronounced: det


Climb: is pronounced: clime


Bomb is pronounced: bom


Thumb is pronounced: thum

How to remember the pronunciation

The best way is to say them aloud a few times and then  create a sentence for each word and read it aloud. E.g I had to clime the mountain yesterday. This helps fix the pronunciation in your mind.!

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Happy English learning…

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