Top 5 holiday destinations for international footballers

by Louisa / 20 June 2014 / No Comments

The sun is out in the UK and we’re watching the world cup and looking forward to the summer holidays at the same time. Unfortunately, the way the England team are playing – it looks like they will be booking their summer holidays early.

But where might they holiday to after all the world-cup action? Practise your English  and find out in our 10 minute video lesson.  Let’s begin…

Before you watch

1.  Familiarise yourself with the useful vocabulary in the box.

Useful vocab 2.  Can you guess the top 5 destinations for international football players ?

Now watch the 2 minute video and see if you are correct.

After watching

3.      Were you correct in naming the 5 destinations for  footballers?

4.    Where have you been on holiday that you would recommend –  and why? Tell us below. Start with one of the following phrases:

I’d recommend (+noun or + gerund)
I’d say that….

5.    Where would you like to visit if you could go anywhere and money was not a problem
(Note, 2nd conditional. E.g. If I could go anywhere, I’d visit……’)


Next step
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