Who is learning with Phone English in 2019?

by Louisa / 14 January 2019 / 1 Comment

It is only January but we are already very, very busy with new and existing students. So, who takes classes with Phone English?

People learning EnglishThe answer is: many people, from various backgrounds and with different learning objectives.

At Phone English we love welcoming new trainees from all over the world. 

But, if you are not sure if Skype English is for you, read some of the profiles of our super Phone English students who are taking lessons with us this January. Perhaps one of their stories could soon be yours…

Jay, from Hong Kong
, is living in England and wants to improve his spoken IELTS score from 5.5 to at least 7 so he can undertake a Masters programme in the UK.

Investment banker Jon has excellent English but wants to converse to maintain his level and extend his vocabulary so he takes 2 lessons per week before work.

15 year old, pre-intermediate student Maricia from Italy learns grammar in school but has little chance to speak English. She enjoys natural conversation with her Phone English teacher who also helps prepare her for school tests.

Alan from S. Korea is moving to Australia with his bank. He is new to Phone English and wants to improve his spoken skills with intensive lessons.

Allie from France has advanced English and in lessons likes reading and discussing the news reports her teacher sends her. She takes lessons on a Saturday morning when she has time.

Cara from Spain is living in Singapore where her husband is working. She likes to focus on her spoken skills and grammar in lessons, 3 times a week, for when she returns to the pharmaceutical industry.

Greek student, Lania has been learning with the same Phone English teacher for years and they have become like friends. She is starting a charity and she needs to be able to talk with confidence to  international lawyers and accountants in English.

Ella, an educator from Hong Kong, practises her various power point presentations in lessons with her teacher.

Spanish Alex is a computer engineer. Phone English helped him prepare for a job interview for a major software company. He was successful and we are now helping him with day-to-day English so he can communicate effectively with colleagues.


Do you need to improve your English speaking skills in 2019?

English classes by Skype or phone could be the answer.

Try Phone English first with a free Skype English trial lesson.  Contact Louisa on:

+ 44 (0)20 8123 3550 | info@phone-english.net  |  Skype: william-global

About the author:

Louisa is Course Director at Phone English. She helped start Phone English after many years of teacher training and materials development at www.global-english.com.

One Comment

  1. Jean-Michel NOE says:


    I”m looking for phone lessons to improve my English. I can across your site and I would like to speak to someone to explain me the concept and also to understand who would be my teacher.

    I’m working in an international environment and I would like to improve the pronunciation and the grammar as well.

    +33 6 98 38 29 44

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